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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Trying a new look!

Hopefully, you see some choices along the tops of the mosaic, that allow you to look at my posts in different ways.  I tried to make the Flipcard the default but I don't think it's working.

Do you find this confusing, or a more convenient way to view?

I haven't figured out how I can show my blinkies, so I may go back to the standard look no matter what, but I'd be interested in your opinion.

Is this the look of the future or just new-fangled tom-foolery?


  1. Personally I like the classic view and the snapshot one. Images are what attract me to a blog or website. Maybe you shoul try the Snapshot view. But, what about links and blinkie etc? Where are they going?

  2. I spoke too soon. The timeslide is VERY interesting!

  3. I do find the look intriguing. I wish I was better with HTML and could customize this, because I suspect I'll have to go back to the more traditional look in order to get my widgets and links and stuff that normally go on the sidebar.