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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Steampunk Critturs that Fly with Viva Las Vegas Stamps and Whitelines Notebook

The white lines on gray in my Whitelines notebook continue to intrigue me.  The paper doesn't really have tooth, but feels slightly gritty to the touch, so I wonder how it would do for stamping and with colored pencil.  I also wondered how noticeable the lines would be.

I used more stamps from the Viva Las Vegas Steampunk Plate-o-rubber 1272 , and Derwent Metallic Colored Pencils .  

The Whitelines paper performed better than I expected.  The stamps were clear and I was able to put down several layers of color with the pencils.   My scanner has trouble picking up colored pencil for some reason, so the actual drawing is darker, but the color is true.  

I didn't feel that the gray tint of the paper changed the colors.  If I look, specifically for the white lines, I can see them, but otherwise, I don't even notice them.