Drawings from Geneviève Crabe's Tangle Journal 2012

These are a couple of the lines drawings from Geneviève Crabe's Tangle Journal 2012.  She is having a giveaway and I wanted to be sure you knew about it.  You can find out more at  her blog. 

The first one I have already posted in the review I wrote about her Tangle Journals.  I painted it using Peerless Watercolors, but have only recently got around to tangling it.  I used Micron Pigma Pen, and added highlights with a white Neocolor II water-soluble wax pastel.

The second drawing was also tangled with a Micron Pigma and then painted entirely with the Neocolor II Wax pastels.  I used a waterbrush, but was careful not to wet the paper more than was needed to blend the color, and I left some color dry.  There was no buckling of the paper.