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Basket of Roses Postcard with Amazing Mold Putty and DelightTM
by Sandra Strait (aka molossus)

The Creative Paperclay® Design Team is having a blog hop!  It's my first ever, so I'm really excited.  If you arrived here from Susan Brown's SBArtist: Painting in the Dark blog, you are in the right spot.  If not, you might want to go back and start from the beginning at the Creative Paperclay® blog.

There's Blog Candy! One winner from both the Amazing Mold Putty blog and the Creative Paperclay Blog will receive a 16oz package of Creative Paperclay® and package of Amazing Mold Putty.  For a chance to win (U.S. only, sorry), just leave a comment on all blogs and become a follower of all blogs on the hop. .

I am also giving away an 8 oz package of Creative Paperclay® or a package of Delight to one of the people who comment on my blog. (This prize is open to all but because of weight and postage, I'll substitute a 3 oz pack of  DelightTM if the winner is international.).

For my project, I made a postcard to send to my husband on our 30th Wedding Anniversary.  I’ll be out of town (wah!), so I wanted something special for the occasion.

Rolled Paper Rose
2-3 ft. of  1/8 in Diamond Braid rope
A piece of lace for tablecloth
A Postcard
A scrap of paper with the sentiments "Nothing Says 'I Love You' Like Flowers" written on it.
White Glue
Acrylic paint and brushes
A toothpick or two

Rolling The Roses:  
I rolled two sizes of rose—one from a 2 x 2 inch piece of paper, and one from a 4 x 4 inch square.

The Rope:  
I cut off three pieces of rope around an inch long, but of slightly different lengths, to be used as flower stems.   I tugged the strands at one end to fray them, so they’d leave a texture when I made my mold.

With the rest of the rope, I tied an Ocean Plait knot 2 ¼ inches long by 1 ½ inches high. (Don't know how to tie an Ocean Plait knot?  There's a quick and easy template here-but be sure to come back for the rest of the hop!)

The Amazing Mold Putty:  
I made four molds for this project—two for the roses; one for the leaves and stems; and one for the basket.

Amazing Mold Putty comes in two parts, Part A--white putty and Part B--yellow putty.  Nothing happens until you start mixing the two.  Once you start smooshing them together though, you only have 3 or 4 minutes before the putty sets.

For each mold, I scooped equal amounts of Part A and Part B and eyeballed the amounts next to the object(s) I was going to mold.

Once I felt I had enough I smooshed them together until the putty was all yellow with no marbling, then f flattened the ball out to the needed size.  The last step was pushing my rope, knot or flower into the soft putty and to leave it there for 10-15 minutes.

The DelightTM
DelightTM dries lighter and whiter than Creative Paperclay®, but either can be used in this project.  The DelightTM will be cheaper to send if you intend to snail-mail your postcard. 

The next step was to add the DelightTM to the molds.  You get the best effects if you leave the DelightTM in the mold for a day or so, but I needed 5 small roses and 3 large ones, so I admit it.  I let the DelightTM set for a couple hours, and then very carefully worked it free, so I could add more.
I did wait a day before trimming off the excess bits of DelightTM with scissors and painting.  During that time, I painted a background on the postcard.

I used white glue on the lace, then the basket, then the stems and then the flowers.  Then I added the Diamond drops and sentiments and my card was done!

Don't forget to leave a comment on my blog, to be entered for the great blog candy.  From here, you'll be visiting Peg.  

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