New Tangle Pattern Moebius & Weekly Challenge

As many of you know, this week Linda Harms' Weekly Challenge #55 " is String Theory v. VIII: Moebius Trip. She has chosen this because her son Artoo suffers from  Moebius Syndrome and  Moebius Syndrome Awareness day is January 24th.

I thought rather than using the Moebius strip templates she supplied, I'd go a step farther and create a Moebius tangle pattern.  

I won't kid you--it isn't one of the easiest patterns to do.  But I thought that was fitting--tangle patterns are usually meant to make us relax, but I think this one should make us think how it must be for people who struggle to do the things we take for granted.  With a little time and a little care, you can do the pattern.  With a little time and a little care, you can help others less fortunate.

Here are some tips that might help with the tangle (look at the steps as you read or you'll just go 'huh?'):

Step 1: Try to make the triangle even on all three sides.
Step 2: Try to make the extension lines equal in length, and don't 'hook' them.  They should go out straight in the same direction as the line they extend from.  If you wish, draw three dots where the lines should end, to help guide your eye.
Step 3: Start at the outward tip, and draw toward the triangle.
Step 4: The two tips added to the right, should mirror the left.  The left tip added should be short and slant inward.
Step 5: You are creating the inside spaces of the Moebius strip.  Try to keep them about the same size and shape.
Step 6: You've created the strip!

Now, look at the Moebius strips I created in the example.  They are not perfect.  I didn't achieve what I recommended in the tips.  Those tips are meant to help not be hardfast rules.  Don't worry about creating perfected Moebius strips.  Instead, look at what you've done, and be thankful you were able to do so well--many people could not.  Really think about that!  How wonderful is it that you have the motor functions to draw, the vision to see, and a fantastic Zentangle community that is so sharing and loving.  Love those Moebius strips you just did!  They are proof of something wonderful!

I almost forgot. Thanks to Linda Farmer's Tangle Guide, I know which pattern I used. Two new ones that were not on the guide--Jonaathan Baetens' Meo & CZT Margaret Bremener's Yuan.  From the guide: CZT,Christina Vandervlist's Agua; JJ LaBarbera's Arc Flower; Chris Gerstner's Archer; CZT Linda Farmer's Bateek; and the Official Tangles Ambler, Beelight, Beeline and Betweed.