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Monday, January 23, 2012

Weekly Challenge #55 "String Theory v. VIII: Moebius Trip"

Laura Harms' challenge this week is to use the Moebius Syndrome Foundation's logo as your string, or create a moebius strip out of paper and tangle that.  She has a couple of templates that you can use a Moebius strip of your own.


  1. Something is seriously wrong with "Im The Diva" Website. I can't scroll down where the instructions or the template is. It stays frozen in one place no matter how many times I click on the "down" arrow. I can get around on other websites. I don't know hwat's the problem with Laura Harms's Website.

  2. There were blogger problems all last week, too. Many people were having a problem with my giveaway post too. I think it relates to how many hits a post is getting, so you might have better luck later.

    Twitter was even down for a while last night, so it might be the internet over all that's having a problem!