Rhodia Journal Swap-Page the Fourth, My book

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Translation of Page, the Fourth-

Feeding the Mastiff
Left Side: Liam & Cedric did love their food.  The few times we had to leave them, they fasted a day or two in sorrow - no greater love!

It is possible that piranha were used in the breeding of the mastiff.  It is easily seen in the feeding frenzy of mealtime.

There are a few precautions that must be taken when feeding the mastiff, even those of a very young age.  Even around food, the mastiff is unlikely to be agressive, but they are so eager and obsessive that accidents are always a possibility.

Right side:
What kind of accidents? Well, for instance, teach your mastiff a command such as 'release'.  This can be used when he accidentally swallows your arm clear to the elbow.

Don't stand between a mastiff and his food.  He'll kiss your 'owies' after he's knocked you down and trampled you - but the kisses won't be given until all the food is gone.

Remove all wrapping.  Evidentally, to a mastiff, plastic, paper & cardboard as as tasty as kibble.
It isn't necessary to call a mastiff if you have food.  He will home in on you like a heat-seeking missile.