Duck E-Z Start and Zebra Tape Review

Early this morning (while I was yet in my PJs!), my doorbell rang.  I hid (after all, I was still in my PJs) until I was sure whoever rang was gone, and then ran to see if I had a package.  I did!   Shoplet, one of the leading online office supplies  store, had sent me some goodies for review.

I received:

Duck EZ Start Premium Packaging Tape Package

2 rolls of Duck EZstart tape:1.88 in 60 yd-with Dispenser
1 bonus roll of Duck EZstart tape:1.88 in 30 yd

The dispensers are the same type of design you see with most tape rolls.  No instructions are included, but I just used it the same way I've done other similar dispensers.  It will be easy to replace the tape when this roll has run out--the dispenser, itself, easily snaps and unsnaps from around the roll.  There are two prongs to guide the tape toward the blade and keep the tape from snapping back so you don't have to hunt for the end, or spend hours trying to separate it.  

2 rolls of Duck EZstart tape:1.88 in 55 yd-with Dispenser 

The biggest difference with this dispenser is that it includes a roller.  This did help in running the tape along the box and keeping it smooth.  

Oh!  I am ready for crafting and packing items for mail now!  I received a roll of zebra printed duct tape, and this is DUCT tape, that rubbery tough stuff, not packaging tape.  In the past, Duct tape has been notoriously hard to cut or tear, but this brand is easily torn by hand.  I'm almost hoping one of my pipes will spring a leak so I can repair and admire the fashionable Zebra stripes (that is exaggeration, Universe--please don't grant me leaky pipes!).  

I was just debating how to cover a sketch journal, and it will soon be cool in Black and White striping!

Just recently, I purchased a roll of ReadyPost tape so I conducted a couple of highly scientific comparison tests.  That is, I jiggled and pulled at the plastic dispensers, and stuck my finger to the sticky side of the tape.  I used each dispenser to tape a box.

My conclusions
The Roller dispenser and ReadyPost are about equal in sturdiness.  The dispensers included in the multi-tape package are the most flexible, and probably the easiest to break.  All are thin plastic, though, and I think all would easily snap or fracture.  

The EZstart tape is slightly stickier.  It seemed to cling to my finger longer and part with a louder sound.

I had to restart my box taping with both the non-roller EZstart dispenser and the ReadyPost because I started to get lumps.  The roller dispenser seemed to keep the tape lying flatter. 

My conclusions are highly subjective, and truthfully, I didn't find much difference.  I would be willing to pay more for the roller dispenser and the Zebra stripes. 

Thank you Shoplet, for giving me this opportunity to review your products.