I don't think I'm seeing all the posts I should be seeing

Lately, I feel as though I'm missing out on posts from blogs that I used to see in Google Reader.  A while back, they made some changes and it may be that some of the blogs I was following aren't showing up any more.

I'm not ignoring anyone, and I really try to find all the new patterns that crop up.  So, if I've missed patterns you've posted lately, where I used to catch them all the time, please email me at LifeImitatesDoodles [at] gmail [dot] com and let me know.

And if I never found your patterns in the first place, please holler at me at well.  The more the merrier, that's my philosophy.

Having said that--I'm going visiting next week and may have internet problems, so if I don't respond immediately, or if I disappear for a few days that's why.


  1. Sandra, I had the same thing happen to me where the links to a couple of blogs i followed were broken for some reason. I had to go in and unfollow them, wait a day, and then follow them again to get it work in Google Reader. The hard part is figuring out which blogs have a broken link. Have a wonderful trip.

  2. I'm going to miss you if you disappear for a few days. This is the first place I come once I'm online, every day. Thanks to you and your blog, I now have zillions of patterns and ideas for tangling, so of course I hope you manage to get linked back up to the blogs you've been following.

    Having said all that, have a good trip, hear? Joyce


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