New tangle pattern Windy Mills

I had a few hours to draw, and for a change I didn't have a review or deadline to meet, lol.  I sort of went...but what do I do?

I decided I wanted to play with my gold, silver, and copper Sakura metallic gel pens on Plike, because the two are made for each other.  Plike paper has a smooth velvety finish and the gel pens just glide across it  You can get the ink to pool by pausing at the end of a stroke, leaving a nice round raised dot, that looks as though it has been embossed. 

A video by Patrick Gallagher showing how to draw freestyle Celtic knots had me wanting to play with the method (Judy West has drawn instructions for one at Creative Doodling), so I've got a couple of freestyle knots and a solomon knot in there, and of course my new tangle pattern Windy Mills is used for the border.

Scanning never does justice to the glimmer of gel pens, unfortunately.  

Windy Mills can easily be varied by adding more or doing fewer loops, or filling the interior with something besides crossed lines.  You could also fill the loops in with designs or color them solid.  The loops can be drawn at the same height on both sides or alternated for asymmetric look.

Although I've taken 3 steps for the first side to more clearly show what is happening, it will be easier to draw all three steps in one stroke, the way I've shown step 4..

Have fun!

Plike is available at the Gruppo Cordenons Website.  Sakura metallic gel pens can be found on or almost any arts, craft or stationery store.


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