New tangle pattern WW and Review of the Rad and Hungry Rad and Hungry STMT X PERU KIT

Included in the Stmt X Peru Kit: 
- A spiral-bound notebook filled with paper made with eucalyptus pulp. 
- An ‘Hecho en Perú’ drafting pencil with an emerald green paint job sportin’ a silver ferrule cap.- A red/blue combo proofing pencil. - A BONUS grid-lined notepad. “Block para calculos”? We know our calculus...
- A woven bracelet
- A real-life frogger illustration card

This is a review of different kind.  I didn't do a bunch of pictures, and I'm not going to discuss the quality of the paper, because it would beside the point.
And what. you may ask me, is Rad and Hungry?
Oh my.  Such a question.  It's a little bit lo-fi.  It's a little bit global. It's a little bit of something for those people marching to a different drum, But that drum is one we all hear.
From the Rad and Hungry home page-"Call it office supplies or a stationery kit. What it is – a world tour delivered to your door."
Make that a world tour in lo-fi office supplies.  Pencils and notebooks from countries around the world.  Not the fancy, quality stuff. The stuff you stop in at a little shop along your way because you need something to write on or write with.
And why would anyone buy such a thing?
That's where everyone has their own answer.  Perhaps they lived in a country once and want the memory.  Perhaps they like the theme of collecting such items from other countries. Or they might just like getting that notebook that looks a little different to add to the collection.
For me?  I like the idea that I'm getting something from everyday life from a place far away.  And, inevitably,when I get it, it feels familiar.
My favorite piece from the Peru kit was the Bitacora Block pad. 
We're in the process of selling my mother's home.  While digging through old, old stuff, I found an old tablet full of my sketches.  Now, the text on the cover was in English, and the paper was old, yellowed and torn.  Aside from that, the Bitacora Block is a dead ringer for that old tablet.  
Everything I'll draw in the Bitacora will bring back a memory of sunlit days spent sketching in the backyard of Mom's old house.  Pads like this aren't available where I live--maybe in some very small towns somewhere, but I doubt even that.
So I'm reminded--no matter how different a culture seems, no matter the language barrier, the distance and miles--there a deep down resemblance between us all. Everyone sees how the internet is connecting us.  We sort of miss the lo-fi connection unless we go looking.  
I said I wasn't going to post a lot of pictures in this review, but I 
I said I wasn't going to post pictures, but I did do a new tangle pattern.  I chose to use some of my new Zebra pens because they're darker than pencil (besides, you know I don't use pencil except to block out shapes!).

Hey! Lo-fi paper and lo-fi pens do a pretty good job together!
Cartin’ lo-fi goods through the streets of Lima – the real-life version of Frogger. Speedin’ cars, spitting alpacas, nothin’ gonna hold us back. ‘Cause we got RAHstrs to please and a whole lotta adventure to be had.
Our limited edition August 2012 Kit features ::
Every kit at Rad & Hungry comes with a story telling why the particular goods were chosen.  The blog  contains the highlights of every trip, along the way. Kits are available as single kits, Quarterly Subscription and Yearly Subscriptions.


  1. Great review of their product and some of your history. You have my curiosity piqued regarding the Bitacora Block tablet. Thanks for this great share my friend.


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