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Thursday, September 27, 2012

This is an Og with a Nog Sitting on his Knee

"What are you drawing?" my husband asked.

"A Dog," I murmured, not wishing to be distracted.

"An Og?  What's an Og?" my husband chirped.

"A DOG," I snapped, really not wanting to be distracted.

"Oh, that's boring.  I want an Og.  Draw me an Og.  And a Nog, too.  I want a Og and a Nog."

I sighed, and turned to a fresh sheet of paper.  Long experience assured me that the battle was just begun.  Best to cede victory, pay tribute, and get back to what I was doing. Besides, a vision of an Og had just flashed through my brain.

So...my husband's Og and Nog.



  1. that is pretty kool...such wonderful artistry you have that keeps the eyes wanting more

  2. I love this! I also love the fact that you can be "thrown" an idea and run with it. Not sure if I could imagine what an OG would look like but love it. I just started a Zendoodle blog and I love the creativity I see from your site. I especially love the article explaining zendoodle vs zentangle. Just what I needed to know. Thank you for being so creative and sharing!

  3. This is awesome; Next you have to tell us a story about the og and the nog. You'll be world-famous before you know it.Hmm well ...you are already world-famous among doodlers of this planet.

  4. Love this :) I would totally be the husband in this story- "what are you doing? *hears you wrong, still wants more attention...

    :D I have admired your art, tangles, sketches, stories, stamps etc for a while now- my favorite blog on my feed- thanks so much for sharing and being such an inspiration!