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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

New tangle pattern ZinnTardy

A friend, Teresa Zinn Tardy, asked me to deconstruct a pattern into a step-out, which I've done here.  I'm calling it ZinnTardy!  It was a complex pattern with lots of points and small curves, so I rounded it out and am afraid I've lost some of what made the pattern unique.  But, even with the rounding out, it takes eight steps to complete.  If I'd kept all the zigs and zags it would have taken twenty, lol!  I hope Teresa likes it any way.

If you find yourself having a problem try drawing in some pencil guidelines (which I hope you  can see here).  Draw an X from corner to corner, and then a to bisect the square into four.  At step 5, use these lines to help decide placement of your elements.  As you learn the pattern, you shouldn't need the pencil lines.

There is lots of room for variation.  If you find you haven't left yourself room for all the steps, leave some of them out. Fill in some of the areas but not others. Change the shape of the elements.  Go crazy with your shading--you can get truly different effects just by changing the shading!