Bleedthrumanade with Caramel Factory and Adventure Map

When I put down the color, I was using freshly inked Copics and they were jUICy!  The color bled through the page almost 100%!  Normally, this is what I want but I got creative and decided to do my linework with the Copics as well.

 The result was a *bleedthrumanade back that was the same as the front and very hard to change.

So I colored with some non-bleedthru Faber-Castell Big Brush pens.  Still didn't like it.

So I brushed on some gesso to white-out (almost) color here and there.  Still didn't like it.

So I added some color pencil.  Hmmm.  I like the feeling of transparency where the markers are showing through the Gesso.  But not sure I like all of it yet, lol!  

Third times the charm.  At this point it's best to walk away for a while and look at it later with fresh eyes.  I may do more or I may not.

What do you think?

 *bleedthrumanade-got lemons? Make lemonade!  Got marker bleedthru? Make bleedthrumanade!  Color a page with alcohol markers or other medium that will leave color on the back of the page.  Tangle or draw on the front of the page, then turn it over and tangle or draw on the back, using the same color base.

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