Deflect-O Cube Organizers/Shoplet Review #shopletreviews

Okay, you're an artist or crafter or hobbyist of any kind. You work in an office or cook or...

 What item are all of you most likely to use most?

I'm betting the most common answer is!

This month, Shoplet sent me some terrific storage cubes from Deflect-o.  I received a two-drawer, four-drawer, x-divider and an open space cube.  Between the four, I'll have to perfect space for almost those small items that I'm always searching for.  From now on, my scissors and erasers and most commonly used pens will be right at hand. Those markers, and tapes and adhesives will be easy to find.

All four can be clipped together to create one unit, or placed separately where needed. Adding on in the future will be simple.  And I know me--I'll always have need of more storage as my art and craft hoard grows!

6" w x 6"h x 6 d"
152 x 152 x 152 mm

Transparent for easy location of items
Sturdy plastic build
Stackable-two clips for linking included with each cube

The cubes are transparent, but there is a texture to them, so they aren't perfectly clear. The plastic itself is a rigid surface that is light but sturdy.  There is the slightest give to it, which should make it harder to crack, while not allowing the surface to bow if you place items on top of them.

The drawers slide in and out smoothly.

Each cube comes with two clips and the cubes have a slight indentation on all four sides for fitting the clips.  No instructions came with my cubes but it was easy enough to figure out.  I lined up the clip-shaped indentations on two cubes and slipped the clip in place. Easy-Peasy.

The clips go on easily, and come back off without too much effort (be careful with your fingernails, though).  When I picked up all four units clipped together, some of the clips slid, so when moving more than one unit, make sure you are securely holding ALL the units.

Two clips per cube are more than enough.  After clipping all four together I had four clips left over.  Great in case I lose a clip and I might be able to use the left-over clips to attach these units to existing storage units that I have.

I like the size and shape of the cubes, and while I will clip all four together for now, it's nice that I stack them differently or separate them as I change my workspace--something I tend to do often, depending on the projects I'm currently working on.  I love having the four different layouts!  I always get frustrated because some item or another doesn't fit what I have or gets lost behind or under everything else.  I can avoid that frustration with these Deflect-o cubes.

On the units with drawers, the drawers are not physically attached and are easily removed, so you could convert those units to a more open format, and store the drawers separately, if desired.  They fit snugly enough that they won't fall, but they could tip when you slide them out, f heavily weighted toward the front.

The triangular shape of the slots in the X-Divider cube are nice for some of those odd-shaped items, like scissors and tubes.  They are also nice for storing markers, pens or gel sticks, especially if all of them are the same size and shape.

The open cube is roomy.  I was surprised at how much I was able to squeeze into the space and still leave a little leeway for reaching in and pulling out the items in back.

Perhaps the only nitpick I have with them is the texture.  The texture is fine, but it does cloud the transparency.  I'd rather the plastic be totally clear or actually decorated.  I may decorate mine.

Most of my current storage is either hand-made or softer plastic.  I've avoided rigid plastic because it's easier to crack.  The Deflect-o cubes do seem sturdier than most of the similar units I've seen and examined in stores.

These four cubes fit perfectly at the side of my workspace.  It didn't take long to fill the units up, and I can see the need for more.  I was surprised though, at how much I was able to fit into them.  All my Gelatos, all my 2 oz Golden acrylic mediums, my washi tapes and most of my 2-sided tapes.  My most commonly used pens, some glazes, all my erasers and pencils, and pencil sharpener.  My scissors, my stamping blocks, and some inks and all the stamps I haven't put away and... well, you get the idea.  I was able to free up some sacks and boxes that took up double the space, and much less neatly.

Yeah, I'll definitely be getting more of these.
I want to thank Shoplet for giving me the opportunity to try out these products and to remind you that you can fulfill all your office supplies and promotional products needs at