Tangle Pattern WallBucket #Zentangle #TanglePattern #Giveaway

Sandy Hunter posted a photo of a wall with an interesting pattern at her Facebook TangleBucket Studio page and challenged people to deconstruct the pattern.  This breakdown immediately came to mind, so I decided to accept.

photo shown courtesy of Sandy Hunter

If you decide to accept the challenge and create a different deconstruction, please let her know (and post it on Facebook if you belong, and tag her)

The name for my pattern comes from combining part of her FB name with 'wall'.  There are other pattern steps out there that are similar, though I don't think I've seen any exactly the same.  I'll call this a tangleation, just in case.  If anyone has seen a pattern deconstructed in exactly the same way, please let me know, so I can send people to it.
Thank you.