A first look at the Pilot Fude-Makase Color Brush Pen #Pilot #Jetpens #BrushPens

My latest order from Jetpens.com included a Pilot Fude-Makase Color Brush Pen - Extra Fine tip in Sepia.  I haven't had the time to really test it out, but so far I like it.

The tip is a hard rubber with a little flex to it.  In my Rhodiarama, on smooth, fountain-pen friendly paper, it gives a consistent bold line, but wasn't good for getting the wispier lines that I like for my shading.

The ink is water-based, dye-based, and the pen comes in several colors.  The Sepia has more of a red-tone than I expected, but it's a pretty color, nonetheless.

The barrel of the pen is an off-white with Japanese characters.  If I buy more, I'll need to label the colors.  There is a see-through section so you can tell how much ink is left, which is nice.  I wish the pen were refillable, though.

Time will tell how sturdy the tip is.  One of the problems I often encounter with the fabric-tipped pens such as the Micron, is that portions of the tip will flatten and obstruct ink flow.  I'm interested to see if this tip is better.

I'll also be doing some experiments with washes, and writing on toothier papers.  I don't intend to do a full review, but I'll share my findings along the way.