Coelho Vineyards Chicken Coop

This is what I was doing yesterday instead of looking up links for you.

I went plein air painting with a group of people.  The day was glorious.  Sunny, no-coat weather with just a hint of chill in the morning.  It was a long drive there so we didn't have as much time to paint as I'd hoped, but it was worth it driving through Oregon wine country admiring the fall colors.

At the vineyard, there were goats, chickens, turkeys, pigs and rows upon rows of beautiful grapevines.  So what did I paint?  The chicken coop! In my defense, the lesson being taught was in perspective and I liked the perspective here.  I also thought I'd have time to do a second painting.  But there was  a wine-tasting in the afternoon, I'd forgotten about.  Ah well, I got to taste some fabulous wines!  All in all a wonderful day.