Another two days of 'Creating Art at the Speed of Life' #PamCarriker #ArtAtTheSpeedOfLife

Yesterday, I reviewed Pam Carriker's book 'Creating Art at the Speed of Life'.  I'm going to share what I'm doing as I go along, even the pages that I don't like.  There may be more of them than the ones I do.  This art journal is an exploration, pushing myself to do things I don't normally do.  It isn't a matter of easy or difficult, it's a matter of pushing past some of my own dislikes and fears, while building on what I already know.

With Lesson #3, Pam introduces the idea of an assessment sheet.  Generally, art journaling is about doing and not worrying about the finished product.  But face it, we all have a reaction to our own work.  Sometimes, it can be good to analyze and decided what we like and what we don't.  She provides a template, so you can choose whether you want to print the sheets out or not.

The sheets ask you what you like, what you don't like, what you might do differently and how you might use what you learned going forward.

I find that I'm having trouble coming up with answers.  I have such a thing about lettering (I've NEVER liked doing it) that it's hard for me to assess the overall.  I think what I'll do is give whatever pops into my head.  Then I'll come back in a month or so, and do a second assessment.  This will give me a good idea of what my own prejudices are telling me when I'm in the throes of creating vs what I really feel about the piece when my frustrations are gone.