Creating Art at the Speed of Life' - Day 19 #PamCarriker #ArtAtTheSpeedOfLife #ArtJournaling

One of the things I'm finding most difficult about the lessons in Pam Carriker's book is in taking the time to find emphemera that suits what I'm doing.  I'd like to say that it's because time is limited--if I do get on a jury, then I'll have to stop journaling for a while, most likely.

But that's an excuse.  There is always something that limits my time.  I'm sure most of you identify with that.

The answer, I suppose, is that if you are going to be art journaling, then keep an eye out for interesting text, cut it out and store it somewhere.  Then when you need it, you already have emphemera ready to go.

Just having sheets of book & magazine pages and newspaper won't do--you still have to go through them looking for the right stuff.  Cut out exactly what you thing you might use.  Highlight words or circle them.  When you are in the throes of creation, you don't want to stop and dig through stacks of paper, so plan ahead and eliminate half the work.

I like the simplicity of this page.  Pam suggests using water-soluble graphite with a white acrylic wash.  I don't have the graphite so I used a black gelato mixed with a Zinc white acrylic wash (zinc white being more translucent than Titanium).