Creating Art at the Speed of Life' - Day 29 #PamCarriker #ArtAtTheSpeedOfLife #ArtJournaling

Now this page is the epitome of a 'save'.  Although, I'm fairly deft with the save--taking a disaster and working it into something else, I have to admit I panicked a bit this time around.

Lesson #30 is another that uses Pam's liquid graphite. As I've explained in an earlier post I don't have any.  I'm not fond of graphite in any form so I doubt I'll buy it.  The color change it makes looks intriguing, but my personal dislike is entrenched enough that I don't want to spend the money to try it out.

So what happened?  I used a regular graphite pencil, and then an ink pen that I haven't used too much.  I felt the charcoal gray ink in the pen would give a similar look to graphite.  Instead, for some reason, the ink just beaded up on the page and refused to soak in.  I let the ink set for 24 hours and decided it was never going to (that pen is now in the garbage.  It was something cheap I came across in the store and bought out of curiousity).

I tried wiping it away, only to find that in some places it had stained and now it was smeared.  My original work was trashed.  Out came the white gesso, which immediately turned a sickly gray.  I added more gesso and a touch of blue, which helped but resulted in a very thick application.  I didn't mind that, and used a fork to add some texture lines.

In the end, I rather liked the background I got, but with so much texture, it did cause me difficulty with the drawing and writing.  Also, my husband had eaten the apple I was using for a model, and we had no more.  I had to redraw from memory, so my apple is a little funky.

Overall, despite a little panic when my gesso turned so ugly, I enjoyed the process, and I'm not unhappy with the page.  It was a good reminder, that a page is only a 'fail' if you stop.  If it feels like failure, just give it a spin, til it feels like a win!