'Creating Art at the Speed of Life' - Day 5

Earlier this week, I reviewed Pam Carriker's book 'Creating Art at the Speed of Life' and I'm sharing the results of my exploration, whether I like the pages or not.

I've experienced a small bump in the road.  Last night as I waiting for 'Sherlock' to come on, sipping on a glass of red Port wine, one of my shelves tipped over for no reason that I can explain. My hand-made journal was on the shelf, tumbled down and attacked the innocent wine--I guess it was thirsty because it sure soaked up enough of it.

The covers got the worst, and I'm more worried about possible consequences from the sugar content than the staining.  I'll probably spend today researching damage control rather than journaling.

However, I am some pages ahead of what I've been posting here, so hopefully there will be no pause in my sharing.

Lesson #5: It's Complementary

For anyone who does this lesson, I recommend giving yourself a couple of days, searching for the right collage items, if you want your pages to truly reflect the the lesson.  I didn't do that.  Before starting this journal, I made the decision to avoid fussing, keep it fresh, and use what I have on hand.  I've given myself the challenge to do at least a page a day until other deadlines and/or jury duty slows me down.  I only had a few items I felt fit the bill.

I decided to stay with my plan, but honestly, I could see creating an entire journal based on just this lesson alone.   Perhaps an idea for the New Year?

Notice that my pages all have the dots along the center?  I discovered that the paint was leaking through to other pages at the fold, so I'm adding a strip of adhesive paper drywall tape at the center of each page.  Some paint still leaks through, but very little.  A solid strip of masking tape would do better, but the drywall tape is less intrusive, and the holes let me work it into the layout.