Saturday, November 9, 2013

'Creating Art at the Speed of Life' - Day 6

Well, the wine spill didn't slow me down as much as I thought it might.  I think I'll just seal the pages with a clear gel medium and leave it at that.  It isn't a bad idea anyway, as it will set any collage items I have.  I'll just need a light hand where I've used water soluble media.

That said on with the lessons.

I've always enjoyed drawing faux maps (don't have the patience to do a real one!).  I didn't intend this effect, and my piece came out quite different from Pam's, while still embracing the focus of the lesson. 

Cave Pony Fantasy Landscape Step-out #FantasyLandscape #Step-out #DrawingTutorial

I was looking at a friend's photos on Flickr and came across a horse with odd coloring.  As often happens these days, I was immediately ...