Creating Art at the Speed of Life' - Day 30 #PamCarriker #ArtAtTheSpeedOfLife #ArtJournaling

Now I don't ever want to hear that I am vain or lack a sense of humor!

Lesson #30 was a call for a self-portrait (in graphite *sigh*).  I've done many a pencil portrait in the past, so I decided it wouldn't hurt me to give in and work with graphite (see?  I'm reasonable, too).

In the spirit of the lesson, it wasn't important that the portrait look that much like yourself.  But it's actually harder for me not to try for a likeness than to attempt it. And I've always believed that the interesting portraits aren't the ones that make you look like your best.  Those might be flattering but they're usually bland.  Aren't the most fascinating portraits the ones that detail the lovely wrinkles of an older person, or the sweaty, blotched face of someone hard at work?

I'd much rather be interesting than bland, lol.

Because this was the last lesson of the book, I was eager to get to it.  I always antsy towards the end of a project, wanting to wrap it up and move on to the next.  I'd planned to take my photo the next morning, but when I woke at 3 AM and couldn't get to sleep, I had a thought.  I probably had the most interesting face at the moment--lumpy with sleep, and half-lidded eyes, hair spoking out to the four winds.

So I toddled off to find my camera, pointed it at myself with no real idea whether I even had my whole face in focus and took the shot.

So this is my 3:00 AM face.  My husband says it's also the face I show him when I'm mad at him.  That being the case, I wonder why he doesn't obey me more often.

So, I'm sad that my art journal is full, but I'm looking forward to starting another.  The Art Journal is full, Long live the Art Journal!

I'll post the covers tomorrow.  Thank you to everyone who stayed with me and made lovely comments while I journaled.