Creative Destruction Day Five - Cat-astrophic

I've been sharing some pages from my Stillman & Birn Zeta sketchbook.  Color is so brilliant on this paper that I love using it to create charts and try out techniques, but I don't always want to keep them.  So I destroy the original by painting or coloring over most of it and then create something else.

Originally, I used this page to mix various Stephen Quiller acrylic paints.  I had intended to apply a thin coat of black gesso, letting much of color show through.  The gesso came out faster than I expected and I ended up covering almost all of color.  Except for that lower left corner.  I decided to leave it.

I saw a cat in the color--actually three different cats, depending on how I looked at it, and that inspired the rest of this Zentangle-Inspired artwork.