Creative Destruction Day Seven - Flapjacks

I'm pushing my theme of Creative Destruction today.  Most of my posts the last few days have been of pages from my Stillman & Birn Zeta sketchbook that were destroyed by being covered over and then created as something new.

This is simply a page I haven't yet shared.  I was using some of the J. Herbin inks and I just didn't like the way the page was coming together.  The I got their Rouge Hematite ink, and that beautiful red made things pop.  So this isn't so much a page of destruction but of persistence and patience.

A page doesn't have to be finished in one session.  If you can tell you aren't happy with the way a page is forming, put it down and come back later.  Sometimes, it isn't the work, but your mood.  Other times, you just might not have the tools on hand for what you want.  Either way, it's that extra time on simmer that let's the flavor intensify.