Scribbler Too Fuzzies #ScribblerToo #LifeImitatesDoodles

You get a different look when you start alternating black (000000) and white (FFFFFF) in Scribbler Too--sort of fuzzy marbling.  The lines get quite spiky, so you might want to dial down your radius somewhere around 15-20, or even less if you want actual detail.

I do most of my black first with the radius set around 30, dialing down to 7-10 for eyes or other detail.  Then I switch to white and sort of blast the color around.  In other words, instead of drawing steady lines, I center the pointer where I want the most white to be, and tap the mouse button.  The I move to another spot, tap and keep doing this until I'm happy.

If I get too much white, I switch to black and do the tap, move process again.  I may switch back and forth several times, adjusting my radius as I feel it is needed.

To get rid of solid lines around the edges, I set the color to white, move the mouse a little way from the edge and tap.  I move the mouse all along the outside tapping whereever I want a less solid line.