Journal52 Prompt 20-Book Inspired #Journal52 #ArtJournalPrompt #ArtJournaling

Can you believe that Journal52 has been going on for 20 weeks now?

This weeks prompt was very dear to my heart...but I was already working on two other projects.  I wanted to work on the prompt but at the same time, I didn't want to pull my energy from the other projects.  I was trying to work out some ideas, and I wanted all my thoughts there.

So, I fell back on my old standby.  Words.  I like this method.  You can vary the way you box in the words without spending too much time deciding how you'll do it.  Doing a project this way every few weeks also ties the journal together, giving it a cohesiveness that might be lacking if you change styles often.

 I already had some splatters of paint from other projects on the page.  I whipped out the yellow Montana Marker and colored the page in about two seconds.  I chose Sakura Gellyrolls for the words and book covers.  I wish I had used something else for the words.  They look good in real life, but don't scan well.

As a child, I used to visit the library on Friday, check out 9-12 books and read them all over the week-end.  Most of these titles, I read over and over.  I read everything.  I was born with a cleft palette and as part of my speech therapy, my doctors taught me to read when I was three.  By the time I hit 1st grade I was reading my mother's Perry Mason and Zane Grey westerns.  It didn't matter.  If it was bound between covers and wasn't physically removed from my hands--I read it.