Seahorse in Scribbler Too #ScribblerToo, #LifeImitatesDoodles

We drove to the Oregon Coast on my birthday for dinner and a movie.  I saw some little seahorses in the restaurant gift shoppe and thought it would be fun to do one up in Scribbler Too.


  1. This is magical! How did you do the spiky bits?

    1. Thank you! This was drawn using a free online program called Scribbler Too. It adds all sorts of funky radial lines to your piece as you draw. You just draw and it adds them. When you add one color over the other, you get the star-like lines. I did a tutorial on using it--

    2. I have played with Scribbler Too before, after you had mentioned if here, but I have never tried to make spikes on a curved line before. Love it!

    3. I stop and let my finger rest, momentarily, between each spike. That gives you more control, and if you get too wobbly you can hit erase without wiping out anything but the last spike.


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