Once in a Blue Moon... #watercolor #ATC

With this ATC-size painting,  I had a little extra paint to use up and I was playing with wet-in-wet and admiring how smoothly the color flows off the new brushes I  recently bought.  Cheap Joe's had 40% off on their Legend series Kolinsky Sable brushes--how could I resist?  I just wish I could have afforded to buy a complete set.  I settled for one round (size 6) and one flat (1/2 inch).  Just those two ran $40 at 40% off!  Not cheap, but I've been saving my pennies for a while just for such an occasion.

But let me tell you--the brush does matter.  It's much easier to control your backruns, and your brush keeps it's point.  You can paint much longer without picking up more paint or water.

I suspect the Legend series isn't top of the line.  But they are leaps and bounds over the synthetics I have.  Now I just need to get one or two of the better synthetics so I can compare.  Maybe a Da Vinci or Escoda.  Maybe for Christmas, lol!  Maybe.

At any rate, I wasn't trying to paint anything--just dropping color into color and making shapes.  Afterward, the shapes made me think of an alien landscape.  Maybe a Martian Vacation Spot?  I used a Pigma Micron to add a few patterns and heighten the tiki look.