Sortalas-my Book of Mandalas-sort of: Day 1

I've mentioned in the past, my strange reluctance to create mandalas.  I don't quite understand it, because I love looking at them, and truly admire those who draw and paint them.  Perhaps, I'm just not ready, and will someday have the sudden urge to paint nothing but mandalas.

Meanwhile, I wanted to make a gift for someone that loves mandalas.  I decided to go against my own inclinations and do up a book of them for her.  As you might expect, me being me, my mandalas sort of aren't mandalas.  so I'm calling them 'Sortalas'.

I created three small booklets, using a faux leather technique for the covers.

Then I sewed the three booklets together.

Since the book has three sets of covers, it doesn't really have a beginning or an end.  The sewn binding is loose enough that you can have any one of the booklets at the top, and there really isn't a top or bottom.  That makes the whole thing kind of circular.

I used a plethora of techniques and mediums, heavy on the watercolor, for my Sortalas.  I didn't keep track of what I was doing though, so no tutorials this time round.

Instead of showing you all of the Sortalas at once, I'm going to show you a booklet at a time, stretching it out over the next three days.  The better to see you wi....uh...I mean the better for you to see them.

Tune in tomorrow for set two!