Sunday, August 10, 2014

Another Quick Study--one I'm sheepish about! #Exaclair #Schut #ArtGiveaway

This week I'm sharing work done on Schut Noblesse watercolor block.  For a review of this paper, please check out my Monday post.  If you are interested in purchasing Schut Papier's fine art papers, check out the Exaclair website for a list of retailers who sell the Schut  Noblesse Watercolor blocks and sheets.

I feel a little sheepish about this one (Sorry.  I can never resist a pun!).  I've been trying to break away from using only local color and loosen up my brush strokes, so this study was aimed at doing that.  This is a great method for the quick stuff, because it lends itself to being fast, and it seems to me that using colors and brush strokes like this gives you more of a sense of freedom.

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