Pentel Heroes #PentelHero

All month long Pentel is honoring the heroes in your life. They put out a call to artists asking them to draw an interpretation of one of the stories they received.  I accepted the challenge, and the story I received was:

Melissa M. writes, “My hero is my cousin Michele who was a wonderful 1st grade teacher. She inspired me to be a loving teacher. She lost her battle with cancer in 2011. When I use her materials, I am inspired.” Nominate your‪#‎PentelHero‬ at

With nothing to indicate what Michele looked like, I tried to come up with a fairly generic look, a very everyday somebody.  I based her outfit off the costumes of Saraswati, the Indian goddess of learning and art.  The figure was drawn and colored using Pentel Slicci and Energel pens on Schut sketchpad paper, which has a parchment like texture that allowed me to get a drybrush like effect which helped the colors to blend.