Polar Lizard & Sunset #Watercolor #KDAllegri #Shizen

In last week's watercolor class we were practicing African sunsets, but we started off by finishing the paintings from the week before.  I had finished mine at home, so I decided to do a quick study warm up, and just to be contrary, decided to use cooler colors.  My little lizard was done using Cobalt Teal, Opera, Phtahlo Blue, and Lunar Blue.  The branch is a mix of the color and the background is all Lunar Blue.

Even though I used bright colors, he looks decidely chilly next to the sunsets I did later in class, so I decided he's a Polar Lizard.  Very rare.  Mine may be the only one in existence, lol!

Actually, I mistakenly picked up Alizarin Crimson instead of Naphthol Red, so even my sunsets are a little cooler than intended.  I guess I was just feeling chilly that day!