Schut Noblesse Watercolor Block & Watercolor Crayons' #Giveaway, #SchutNoblesse #Exaclair

This week I'm sharing work done on Schut Noblesse watercolor block.  For a review of this paper, please check out my Monday post.  If you are interested in purchasing Schut Papier's fine art papers, check out the Exaclair website for a list of retailers who sell  the Schut  Noblesse Watercolor blocks and sheets.

I took a watercolor class last month and used the classes to test drive my block of watercolor paper.  Imagine my chagrin when I arrived at class one day to discover I'd forgotten my watercolor paints! Ay-yay-yay!  In my own defense, I had changed my paints to a different container so that I could bring in my Faber-Castell Gelatos - a watercolor crayon better known to crafters than to artists.  I forgot that I had done that and only brought in the Gelatos.

But hey! What an opportunity.  I just used the Gelatos.  The Schut Noblesse was a perfect surface for them.  I did a little squirkling for the background texture so you could see how solid the line was, and yet using my finger to smear, and/or water to blend, I was also able to get soft yet dramatic gradations of color.  I decided to only use half sheets so I could do two paintings without using two full sheets, but I kind of regret that now.

If you can't wait to see if you won, check out the Exaclair website for a list of retailers who sell the Schut   Noblesse Watercolor blocks and sheets.