Almost Home #Watercolor, #KDAllegri, #Shizen

In last week's watercolor class (KD Allegri Art) we focused on drawing the human figure.  The theme of this 7 week course has been Africa.  The focus is on a loose style that takes advantage of the inherent nature of watercolor.

The idea for the paintings we did was to focus on the human form, not the detail, and to have fun with the colorful clothing.  So I did!

This was done on Shizen paper.  It has a rough texture, but the finish keeps the color on the surface.  It's easy to lift color for effects, and to help correct with mistakes.  Both sides of the paper can be used.  It's also deckled on all four sides, which is nice.

The paper is not cut to exact size--it's hand torn. So even though the package says 8x8, in some places it might be 7 1/2 and others might be 8 1/2.  This is both good and bad when it comes to framing.  It works great for a 'floating' frame, where you put the paper on top of the matting instead of below.