Watercolor Wednesday with Schut-01 #Exaclair #Schut #Watercolor

Recently, I was sent a sampler of Schut papers.  It contained 23 sheets with a mix of watercolor, acrylic, drawing and printmaking papers.  Also included were the covers that would come with the block or pad of papers.

With a couple of exceptions, I did two paintings per sheet, 1/2 page each.  On the back of each painting, I made notes regarding the qualities of the paper and anything I wanted to remember about the painting itself.

Once I finished testing all the papers, I folded them in half and bound them into two journals, one for the watercolors and one for the other types of paper.  I decided to add the covers as well because of the information they contained.  Plus it made the journals funky!

I won't post all the notes, because I wasn't being careful with my handwriting--more trying to get the information down while it was fresh.  I usually do take notes like this, if I'm going to review something, just not on the drawing/paintings itself.

But to show you what I mean, here's an example of the type of notes I made:

I decided that rather than throw all of these drawing/paintings at you all at once, I'd make this a weekly thing, so I'll be posting the two pieces I did on one sheet, one each Wednesday.   I'll write up a mini-review of the paper.  Nothing extensive, but enough to give you some idea of the qualities of  the paper.

Schut Terschelling AquarelBloc Classic 200 G/M2 (95 lbs) Cold-Pressed

Acid free, white watercolour paper, made of 100% wood free cellulose. Student-grade.  For those who like a harder finish.  The paint moves well, and lifts well for misty effects or correcting mistakes.  Takes both masking tape and friskit with no problem. It dimples a little with heavy washes, and a few remain along the edges even after weighted down.  The paper takes some scrubbing, but if you lift very much, it becomes difficult to paint over.  This happened to me with the pears.  I used Gellyroll pens to fill in the areas I could no longer paint on, and was pleased with the result.

Although student-grade, I liked watercolor paper.  I like a hard-surface and I liked the texture and finish.  This would be a great paper for beginners, intermediate artists and professionals who want a cheaper paper for practice.