Music to Inspire Artists, Writers and Lovers W/ Craig Bidondo and Tim Gilson #Inspire #Taborspace

I had a wonderful time on Saturday night.  I attended a concert performance in piano and bass at Taborspace, a coffee shop located inside a church.  The fun part was that the audience was part of the performance.  And to top it off, the proceeds went to local charity.

You were encouraged to bring sketch pad, pencils, colors, journal or clay and write or draw as the music inspired you.  Or to dance or just to listen if that was your preference.  For the 1st half of evening, Craig Bidondo and Tim Gilson played a medley of tunes for us and we all created art.

The music was a fusion of mellow jazz and other styles with songs from various genres.  I recognized many of them, though 'Hurt' by Nine Inch Nails (later, covered by Johnny Cash) was the only one I could name. Craig and Tim made it all their own.

During the break, the two musicians walked among the audience and chose some of their works for the second half.  They, then improvised music based off of the artwork.  They improvised from a pen and ink line drawing, a couple of paintings, a couple of poems, a collaborative story, and even had one of the audience improvise vocals to their music.

My pen and ink drawing was one of the pieces chosen, and I felt a bit as though I had cheated.  I chose to bring my Pentel Pigment Ink brush pen.  You can control the thickness of line simply by the amount of pressure you put on the brush, and every stroke is so-o-o elegant.  It was the perfect tool to just make marks according to the rhythm of the music.  It was a fantastic experience to hear the music that it inspired.

If you are interested in getting a taste of Inspire! music, and the evening, you can watch six minutes of previous performance-Music to Inspire Artists, Writers and Lovers W/ Craig Bidondo and Tim Gilson.  Even better, if you live in the Portland, Oregon area, look for their next concert sometime in February.  Craig and Tim have an Inspire! Facebook page and Taborspace has a newsletter if you want to learn of upcoming activities.

Unfortunately, I forgot to grab my drawing back before I left so I can't scan it in for you, but these are two other pieces that I did during the course of the evening..