Caves Measureless to Man #Watercolor #Zentangle #Zendoodle

You may have noticed that I'm posting a lot of drawings where I'm using up watercolor paint left on the palette.  I've been in a creative slump lately.  Recognizing this, I haven't pushed myself to do full on watercolor paintings.  I've been cleaning off my palettes bit by bit.  A little watercolor can go a long way, and I hate to just wipe off leftover paint.  Afterwards, I use a Pigma Micron, brush pen or fountain pen to draw lines and patterns.

I love doing this kind of work.  There's no expectation.  I just let the watercolor suggest shapes and patterns, It's mindless, but in a mindful kind of way.  I feel as though I'm drawing from within, moving past the controls and conscious awareness... tapping into the deep caves of my mind, measureless to man.

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