Friday, December 12, 2014

Sailing the Seven Seas...sort of #Clearprint #Vellum #PenAndInk

Earlier this year, I participated in Clearprint's Cross Country Project (I believe you can still join.  You are sent two Clearprint Vellum sketchbooks--one to create in and return, and one to keep for yourself!).

I discovered this week, that Clearprint also has a gallery for non-Cross Country artwork done on their vellum paper, and I was invited to submit more work.  This is the piece I entered.  To see other fabulous works, in sooo many different mediums, check out the Artist Gallery - Works on Clearprint.  There is some absolutely fantastic work there! You'll be amazed and inspired!

Ginger Horse #ZentangleInspiredArt #FountainPen #PenAndInk

You know how sometimes a work just fights you while you're trying to draw it?  I had an idea tickling my brain, a desire to combine styl...