Notes! Notes! I Need Notes! #Fabriano #Zentangle #Pentel

I was sooo bad about keeping track of what I was using while I was working on this aqua Fabriano Tiziano.  I suppose that is good in one way.  It means I'm more into the moment, creating, not thinking about what this is and that is.  But usually, I can do that and then remember what I used (and let me note, that often, I'm posting something that I drew months ago--I finished this handmade art journal back in September, but I'm just now posting some of the pages).

I'm not sure why I struggle so much with the remembering on this paper.  Possibly it's the aqua color.  It changes the colors somewhat, perhaps enough to confuse what few wits I have left, lol.

My best guess is that this was done with Pentel Sliccis.  I have the fine points, which I like, but as with most metal-tipped pens this size, they tend to deboss--leave indentations in the paper.  This can also happen with fountain pens, and that's a possibility here, but the lines seem too fine for any of my fountain pens.

Why do I worry so much about remembering what tools I use?  Beyond the obvious, that is, that my memory isn't as good as it used to be?  I prefer not to plan my work.

And yet, if I know my tools, in a way, I am planning.  If I know my tools, I'll know what effects I can expect if I move the pen a certain way, hold the pen a certain way.  If I know my tools then my mind and hand can communicate without my brain getting in the way.

If I can't remember what tool does what, then my whole process has to change.

That's life, though.  You learn how to do something, and eventually, you have to re-learn how to do it, because everything changes.  I've always taken notes when working on a project with lots of steps. Now, I'll have to take notes on smaller projects.  And life goes on.