Watercolor Wednesday with Schut-19 #Exaclair #Schut #Watercolor

Each Wednesday for 22 weeks, I'll be sharing artwork that was done on paper from a Schut Papier sampler.  I'll be giving you a little information about each of the papers.

Schut Sketchpad Paper, medium fine grain, 90 gm2/61 lbs

PH Neutral, Acid-free, ISO 9706.

I've reviewed the Schut Sketchpad paper in other weights.  This is the lightest weight and I used both fountain pen and metal-tipped pen (Pentel Slicci & Energels).  As I've found in the past, the paper performs far better than might be expected given its weight, with no feathering or skipping, minimal show-through and very little bleed-through.

The Pentel Slicci have a very fine point, and I've even had them tear through paper in the past, when I've worked heavily in one spot.  The tend to deboss (leave indented lines) in some paper, so I was curious to see how they worked on this paper.

The outcome of my tests:

  • The Paper:
    • can be folded almost edge to edge without crease or cracking, and it retains little memory of the fold
    • fairly stiff--warbles brightly when you flap the paper
    • has enough tooth to feel slightly gritty to the touch
  • Pentel Slicci & Pentel Energel (both metal-tipped gel ink pens):
    • slight debossing from nib pressure, where I worked heavily
    • slight show-through
    • no bleed-through
    • drying times were about standard
  • Fountain Pen friendly--
    • pinpoints of bleed-through where I saturated
    • no  feathering
    • slight debossing from nib pressure, where I worked heavily.  
    • Show-through only if held up to light.