Journal Prompt 10: Coloring Book Inspiration #Journal52 #Exaclair #ColoringBook

 There seems to be a lot of serendipity going on in my life lately, when it comes to Journal52 prompts.

I was just thinking that I didn't have any coloring books to be inspired by, when I received this marvelous Mandala coloring book for adults, from Exaclair Inc.  I'll be reviewing it and giving away copies in a couple of months. The timing was perfect.

The drawings are fabulous, and there is a lot of white on black, which I hadn't seen in coloring books before.

I did this page for the Journal prompt, using Coloursoft Colored Pencils.

I'll be giving away five copies of this coloring book in June, by the way.  When I saw the coloring books in the Exaclair catalog, I had to get one to review and to give away.