Journal52 2015 Prompt: Just Write #Journal52 #ArtJournal #StillmanAndBirn

I couldn't get this to scan properly but I thought I'd share it anyway.

The Journal52 prompt was 'Just Write'.  There has been a lot of serendipity or synchronicity or something with these journal prompts and my life lately and I decided to write about that.

The first time it happened was after I posted a painting I did for the prompt 5: Television.  I painted a character from my favorite TV show.  Someone commented on the painting, saying that I should paint him looking into a window.  The very next prompt, No. 6 was 'Window'.

Prompt 10 was 'Coloring book Inspiration'.  I had no coloring books, but the very day that was announced, I received a coloring book in the mail from Exaclair (which I'll be reviewing and giving away in June).

Then last week in my watercolor class, the teacher asked us all to do some writing in our sketchbook journals.  On Friday, prompt 11 came out--'Just Write'.

Now is the universe trying to tell me something, using Journal52 prompts?  I don't know but it sure keeps me eager to see what the next prompt is.  I keep hoping it will be 'Millionaire'!

For this page, I used a Sakura Moonglow Flourescent Pink gel pen to write over a background created with a GelliArts monoprinting plate.