Studies in Cherry Blossoms and Urban City Scenes #KDAllegri #Watercolor

Last week in watercolor class we did studies of Cherry Trees and Urban Street scenes.  Both were done with no reference photos, relying on memory and just using the paint to suggest rather to create detailed paintings.

I think my trees look more like Japanese maples than cherry trees, lol.

This first one seemed a good place for a quote from Leonard Nimoy--his last tweet from a few days before his passing.

 Sorry for the crease.  I intend to sew these together into a journal once the class is done, and I've got all the pages pre-folded.  I didn't think to leave a few unfolded for pieces like this.

A little closer to cherry blossoms this time.

These were all done with a Yarka St. Petersburg pan set on Arches paper.  I decided I don't like the Raw Sienna, though it was better mixed with the Golden Ochre.  The Neutral tint was used for shadow and Scarlet for the umbrella and glow.

I started my figures too close to the edge for the size and ended up with slighty stunted characters.

A little better figures here, but I think I got my count off while trying to go for a body that was 7 head lengths.  All in all, it was great fun, and I hope I get a chance to play further by the time you see this.