Last Day of Watercolor Class-Chickens! #Watercolor #TwinRocker #Yarka

Yesterday was the last day of the spring session for Kathy Delumpa Allegri's watercolor class.  As is traditional, we had a pot luck, and as usual we worked on something quick and fun.

Kathy showed us how to paint birds using Chinese style brush strokes.  I love chickens (theoretically--I like to watch them, but have no desire to clean up after them, lol), so that's what I concentrated on.
For my larger painting, I also decided to use some colors from my Yarka St Petersburg and Sequel pan sets that I don't use often--Blue Lake, Carmine and Blue Azure, with Burnt Sienna, that I do use all the time.  For the background, I fell back on Green Light and Russian Green, using left over paint and dirty water for the foreground.

This is the kind of stuff I really like doing.