Tiger Passing #Watercolor #NegativePainting #KDAllegriClass

I started fall watercolor class with the wonderful teacher Kathy Delumpa Allegri.  We started off with Negative painting where you paint the spaces between objects, rather than painting the objects themselves.

The first painting we did was monochromatic - one color used in layers to build up to darker values.  I used Daniel Smith Quinacridone Burnt Orange for mine.

The challenge for the second was to use two colors.  I didn't like the way my Daniel Smith Hansa Yellow Lt and Quinacridone Rose mixed together, so I decided to add a third color (I have done this kind of painting before, so I already had some idea of how to do it), and chose Phthalocyanine Green.

After I had done lots of spaces between, I decided to add shadows, and use the Green over ALL the colors.  I think if I sat high in a tree and watched a tiger stroll below, it would look something like this.