Friday, September 25, 2015

Another Sky and Landscapes #Watercolor #Strathmore #KDAllegriWatercolorClass

Not every one had finished their sky and landscape from last week's watercolor class, so I did another one while they caught up.  This time I used a sponge for most of the foliage, then dropped in a mix of orange into the wet blue-green and created back-runs (where wet paint runs into wet paint and creates a sort of blossom).

Silver Black Velvet 1-inch flat, size 6 and 16 rounds, Qor Transparent Pyrrole Orange, Phthalocyanine Blue, and Indian Yellow along with a touch of M. Graham Ultramarine Violet on Strathmore Aquarius II paper.

Copper and Black #Zentangle #Zentangle-InspiredArt #ZentangleAllAround

I shouldn't really have taken the time, but I wanted to do something for the 'Taking it to the Next Level' challenge at the Zent...