It Has Baaa-sibilities #Watercolor #Strathmore #Qor

So I did up a page with a wash of three colors - Qor's Indian Yellow, Transparent Pyrrole Orange and Phthalocyanine Blue - intending to do a negative painting of something.

Although I hadn't planned it, I saw sky and meadow, and decided I'd try negative painting some sheep.  And I feel a bit sheepish about the result, lol.

I did use a reference photo, which was probably part of the problem. And I didn't draw my sheep first, since I wanted to focus on the negative painting technique, not my drawing skills.

And, in a strange way, I like the painting.  If you don't look too closely at those poor sheep, there is a nice feel to it.  The scan didn't capture the 'glow' it has, and overall the painting makes me think of the glow and glare you get just after the rain, when the sun is shining off the clouds, and possibly peeking out here and there.

The sheep are misshapen, but what the hey!  Practice makes perfect, so I'll rate this one -- practice with possibilities.

Done of Strathmore Aquarius II paper with a Silver Black Velvet 1-inch flat for the initial wash, size 16 round for the subsequent glazes and a size 6 round for detail.