Practice Skies and Landscapes #Watercolor #Strathmore #KDAllegriWatercolorClass

Last week in my watercolor class (Kathy Delumpa Allegri, teacher) we practiced techniques for painting different kinds of skies.  We taped off four sections on sheets of paper approx. 11 x 15, and used warm colors (in my case Qor Indian Yellow, and Daniel Smith's Phthalocyanine Blue and Pyrrol Scarlet.  A 1 inch flat brush was used throughout.

We were encouraged to use our own memory and imagination combined with techniques we've learned in order to paint these.  They were meant to be practice, not finished paintings.

The top right was done using the three colors with a wet-in-wet technique. The top left was a deliberate practice in painting mud by mixing all three colors. Ya don't know how to avoid it unless you know how to do it!  The bottom left was a solid wash of blue and then color was lifted using a kleenex to get the clouds.  A piece of rounded tape was used to block out the sun/moon shape and then strokes of all three colors were applied on wet paper using broad strokes.  Once the paint dried the tape was removed (I forgot to wet around the shape to soften the lines before I scanned this in).

This week we took the same sky paintings and added landescapes.  I used mixes of same Indian Yellow and Phthalocyanine blue to get my greens.  In the top left, I added Daniel Smith Quinacridone Rose for shadows and the mountains.  Color was lifted by wetting and blotting with Kleenex for the top right ocean scene, along with green mixes to pick out the waves.  I used Daniel Smith Ultramarine Blue to create mountains on the bottom left.  It doesn't show too well in the scan, but I used negative painting to create a line of pale trees at edge of the mountains.  A mix of the original colors was used for the tree in the bottom right.

I switched between a size 15 Cats-eye brush and a size 8 round to do these landscapes.

Everything was painted on Strathmore's Aquarius II paper.


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